Top 50 - 2007 & 2008

1. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley 1. It Only Hurts Me When I Cry by Raul Malo
2. This Old Man by Lenny "Fuzzy" Woods 2. Mama's Drinkin' Liquor Again by King Tyrone
3. Rhythm by The Inmen 3. Over And Done by Ryan Shaw
4. It's All Right by Aaron Neville 4. Stuck On You by 3T
5. Stuck On You by 3T 5. Ain't That The Truth by Danny Brooks
6. My Big Sister's Radio by Mighty Mike Schermer 6. There Goes My Baby by Kenny Vance And The Planotones
7. Heartbreaker by Butch Hargett 7. Hey Mister Dee Jay by Lonne Givens
8. Ain't That The Truth by Danny Brooks 8. Rhythm by The Inmen
9. Don't Play That Song For Me by Sam Moore & Bekka Bramlett 9. Money Honey by Craig Woolard
10. Macon, Memphis & Muscle Shoals by Paul Craver 10. Boogie Down Bronx by Angel Rissoff
11. Emperor Of My Baby's Heart by Paul Craver 11. Let's Dance by Gary Brown
12. Hotel Happiness by Rickey Godfrey 12. Motor Under The Hood by The Holiday Band
13. That's My Story by Cracked Ice 13. Turn Me Over by The Coastline Band
14. A Little Meat On The Side by Sea Cruz 14. Dirty O' Man by The Hardway Connection
15. Turn Me Over by The Coastline Band 15. Do That Thang Again by Archie Bell
16. Jumpin' The Jetty by The Coastline Band 16. Fool For You by Paul Craver
17. Over And Done by Ryan Shaw 17. Walk Away From Love by Sea Cruz
18. Soothe You by Angel Rissoff 18. Mary Jane by The Mannish Boys
19. One Step Closer by Rick Strickland 19. Fool If You Think It's Over by The Holiday Band
20. Big Fat Mama by Reidar Larsen 20. Why Am I Crying by Rhonda McDaniel
21. She's The One I Love by Rickey Godfrey 21. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
22. I Know The Inside Story by The Entertainers 22. In This Mess by Snooky Pryor
23. I Got The Blues by Brother Yusef 23. Cupid Shuffle by Cupid
24. Me And Bobby McGee by Rhonda McDaniel 24. So Long Since I Felt This Way by Russell Thompkins Jr.
25. Who Shot John by James Peterson 25. How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That by Ana Popovic
26. Guitar Queen by Dion 26. Respect Yourself by David Johnson
27. Yo Dress Is Too Short by Bob Steele 27. Let It Be Me by Sammy O'Banion
28. I'm Blue by Jackie Jackson 28. Sure Cure For The Blues by Miranda Louise
29. Like To See My Baby by Angel Rissoff/King Tyrone 29. Because Of You by Ne Yo
30. Shoorah, Shoorah by Teresa James 30. I Know It's Hard But It's Fair by The Holiday Band
31. Man That's Smooth by Gary Brown 31. Shadow Shaggin' by Tommy Black
32. Honeydrippin' Baby by Johnny Nicholas 32. Low by Flo Rida ft TPain
33. I've Got A Feeling by Craig Woolard 33. Most Of The Pretty Young Girls by William Dell& The Weejams
34. Nine Times A Man by Don Covay & Wilson Pickett 34. Gon' Dance by Ron Moody
35. DJ Don't by Gerald Levert 35. Lucky, Lucky Me by Pat Carpenter
36. The Way I Are by Timbaland 36. Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson
37. Halfway To Paradise by Gary Brown 37. 4 Minutes by Madonna (Ft Justin Timberlake)
38. Sweet Feeling by Cracked Ice 38. See See Rider by Elmore James Jr.
39. What's Goin' On by Sammy O'Banion 39. One Step Closer by Rick Strickland
40. In This Mess by Snooky Pryor 40. This Old Man by Lenny "Fuzzy" Woods
41. Rabbit Got The Gun by The Holiday Band 41. First Floor Girl by The Love Dogs
42. Wonderful Waste Of Time by The Fantastic Shakers 42. I Ain't Never by Little Richard
43. Because Of You by Ne Yo 43. Ring My Bells by Enrique Iglesias
44. Why Me by Reggie P 44. This Little Light Of Mine by Scooter Lee
45. The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani 45. You Picked A Bad Time For Me To Get Old by The Legends Of Beach
46. Lucky Me by Pat Carpenter 46. A Little Meat On The Side by Sea Cruz
47. Come Get To This by Craig Woolard 47. That's My Story by Cracked Ice
48. Sixteen Tons by Lipbone Redding 48. Fallin' by Rhonda McDaniel
49. Twisted by Santana 49. Me And Bobby McGee by Rhonda McDaniel
50. If 10's Gonna Kill Me by Rickey Godfrey 50. Carina by James Hunter