Top 50 - 2005 & 2006





1. The Other Side Of The Cloud by Danny Brooks 1. My Big Sister's Radio by Mighty Mike Schermer
2. Sweet Mama Do Right by The Coastline Band 2. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
3. Nine Times A Man by Don Covay & Wilson Pickett 3. Sweet Mama Do Right by The Coastline Band
4. Big Blue Diamonds by Percy Sledge 4. I Want A Love I Can See by Angel Rissoff
5. Is The Magic Still There by Gary Brown 5. Hotel Happiness by Rickey Godfrey
6. Boogie Children by Finis Tasby 6. The Other Side Of The Cloud by Danny Brooks
7. Back That Thang Up by Tyrone Davis 7. Yo Dress Is Too Short by Bob Steele
8. Something Smooth by Rick Strickland 8. What's Goin' On by Sammy O'Banion
9. I Want A Love I Can See by Angel Rissoff 9. She Boogie'n by Doug MacLeod
10. She Boogie'n by Doug MacLeod 10. If 10's Gonna Kill Me by Rickey Godfrey
11. [Tie] Party Till The Lights Go Out by Hardway Connection 11. [Tie] This Ole Man by Fuzzy
11. [Tie] Wanted Man by Denise LaSalle 11. [Tie] Big Blue Cadillac by Kevin Mark
13. I'm Going Back by Eugene Bridges 13. Halfway To Paradise by Gary Brown
14. Get Out Blues by Mojo Blues Band 14. Macon, Memphis & Muscle Shoals by Paul Craver
15. Hold On To The Blues by Lonnie Givens 15. Nine Times A Man by Don Covay & Wilson Pickett
16. Christina by Reidar Larsen 16. Crazy For Your Love by Johnny Williams
17. [Tie] The Same Love That Made Me Laugh by Queen Latifah 17. I'm Blue by Jackie Jackson
17. [Tie] Lovin' On Ocean Drive by Tim Cashion 18. I've Got A Feeling by Craig Woolard
19. City Of Angels by Jean Jacques Milteau 19. Something Smooth by Rick Strickland
20. I Slipped by Roy Roberts 20. Alive & Kickin' by Fats Domino
21. Til The Day After by Craig Woolard 21. Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls
22. [Tie] Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls 22. Big Fat Mama by Reidar Larsen
22. [Tie] Sugar Dumplin' by John Goudy 23. [Tie] This Love Will Last by The Tams
24. I Can't Go For That by Donny Osmond 23. [Tie] I'm Goin' Back by Eugene Bridges
25. A Place In My Heart by Liz Abella 25. One Drop Of Love by Craig Woolard
26. Shine by Ricky Fante 26. Soothe You by Angel Rissoff
27. Last Night by Chris Anderson & D.J. Robbie 27. As Good As It Gets by Chairmen Of The Board
28. Daddy Longlegs by Reidar Larsen 28. Crawl Before You Walk by Chairmen Of The Board
29. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch by Pat Carpenter 29. U Turn Me On by Stacy Mitchhart
30. [Tie] Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes by The Fantastic Shakers 30. Juicy by Better Than Ezra
30. [Tie] Little Lucy by The Coastline Band 31. Touch by Ray Charles & John Legend
30. [Tie] If 10's Gonna Kill Me by Rickey Godfrey 32. [Tie] Mr. Pitiful by Taj Mahal
30. [Tie] Sunrise by Simply Red 32. [Tie] Hey Mista' by Roy C.
34. Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye 34. [Tie] Hold On by Danny Brooks
35. How Sweet It Is by Tyrone Davis 34. [Tie] Hold On To The Blues by Lonne Givens
36. No One Loves You Better Than Me by Rickey Godfrey 36. So Blue Without You by Kevin Mark
37. My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own by Marty Ojeda 37. Christina by Reidar Larsen
38. Room 244 by Little Milton 38. [Tie] City Of Angels by Jean Jacques Milteau
39. Hard Times by Queen Latifah 38. [Tie] Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls
39. [Tie] Shoe Shoppin' by Gene Miller 40. Boat Dock by Dave Freeman
39. [Tie] Lady Soul by The Temptations 41. [Tie] Getaway Car by Hall & Oates
42. Stagger Lee by Curley Bridges 41. [Tie] House On Fire by Danny And The Juniors
43. I Like The Way You Move by Outkast 43. Sexyback by Justin Timberlake
44. [Tie] Love Don't Come No Stronger by Craig Woolard 44. Wild Thang by Johnny Williams
44. [Tie] Bop by The Holiday Band 45. Keep Doing Wha'cha Doing by The Billy Gibson Band
46. Dixie Moon by Mark Roberts 46. [Tie] Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae
47. Poon Tang Man by Shirley Brown 46. [Tie] Mess Around On You by Ray Edge
48. Push by Dannii Minogue 48. [Tie] Bounce by Stacy Mitchhart
49. [Tie] Zing Went The Strings by The Attractions 48. [Tie] Candy by East Coast Party Band
49. [Tie] Alva's Baby Blues by Ray Sharpe 50. Es Amor by Jaq Velasquez